Girls Playing Footsie in Shoes
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Girls Playing Footsie in Shoes
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Broken (waiting for deletion)
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Girls Playing Footsie in Shoes
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United Kingdom United Kingdom
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A website focussing on images & video of girls playing footsie in shoes, any type of contact wether it be foreplay, during catfight or accidentally. Includes a celebrity section showing some of the world’s female stars caught in the act of playing footsie with each other. The site does not contain any nudity.
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  • Amateur pictures
  • Free section
  • Contains free video clips
  • Community (Yahoo groups, Msn, ...)
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Review from Lisa

Refreshingly original, 1000s of amazing pictures and some nice vids too, especially the shoes footsie moments captured from films. Love your work girl ;-) Lisa xxx

Member : Yes

Review from Sean

Wow... finally a site that focusses on something that is very rarely covered on the web. I just adore seeing two girls shoes come into contact with each others, either deliberately or accidently and this site really hits the spot.

You can see Hanna has such a passion for her fetish and her website is beginning to become a stand out site in a world wide web full of barefoot, stocking and the like orientated stuff. I look forward to her updates every time they appear which is often and always contain some brilliant images. One thing that was missing was video action however she has even fixed that now with the inclusion of some lovely footsie shots both amateur and from movies.

Everytime I have emailed her she has replied without exception and is really interested in hearing everyone's thoughts and wishes for the site. I am a total fan of the subject and of this pretty unique site and will be a regular through its pages in the future.

Credit where credit is due and I can recommend this website 1,000,000 % :-)


Member : Yes